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Color-Spot Bacteriology

Chromogenic Microbiology Testing System

A simple and cost-effective in-house Microbiology testing program. Identify the organism in 18 to 24 hours, test for sensitivity, and institute the appropriate antimicrobial therapy sooner.

Product Highlights

  • Test for sensitivity using 7 different AST rings with preselected antibiotics or customize your choices with over 40 different antibiotics.
  • Eliminates antimicrobial therapy when not indicated.
  • Identifies gram positive, gram negative, and yeast.
  • Using the color of the growth and gram status, speciate the organism
  • Quickly identify between yeast or bacterial infections of the ear

AST Ring Composition


User Manual

Mini Incubator User Manual

Bacterial Reference Chart

Sensitivity Interpretation Report

AST-Ring Sensitivity Report