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MicroVet Points (MVP) program is launching March 1, 2021

Get ready to sign up…… We will be offering reward points for qualifying purchases beginning March 1. Earned points can be used towards the purchase of equipment and consumables. To start earning points, clinics will need sign up on-line and agree to the terms and conditions. That is all it will take to start earning.

7 Choices of AST rings Now Available for Microbiology Testing

We now offer AST (Anti-Microbial Susceptibility Testing) rings for your in-clinic Microbiology program. Minimal training required; no special equipment needed. Each ring is impregnated with 8 different antibiotics specific to the type of infection. Types of rings include Ear, UTI, Gram Positive, Gram Negative, Skin/Wound, Equine, and Feline. Contact us for more information about our Color-Spot Microbiology system. It is the most cost-effective and quickest way to have your own in-clinic Microbiology program.