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Wireless US Combo Color Doppler

Transvaginal 10mm Radius/Convex 60mm Radius

The Wireless US Combo Color Doppler Ultrasound is a revolutionary color wireless ultrasound scanner. This ultrasound’s duality makes it more practical and affordable.

Product Highlights

  • Display: IOS or Android phone or tablet
  • Wireless Charge
  • One touch freeze, record, measure, email, and store
  • Display mode: B/BM/Color/PDI/PW
  • Weight: >0.25 Kg or about 9 oz

  • Probe: 6.5 MHz/8MHz color doppler
  • 149° Scanning angle
  • Depth: 100mm
  • Transducer Radius: 10mm

  • Probe: 3.5MHz/5MHz color doppler
  • 80° Scanning angle
  • Depth: 305mm
  • Transducer Radius: 60mm