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Porta 100HF

Portable 100 KvP X-Ray Generator

Porta 100HF is the newest technology to hit the Veterinary market. It is the only portable x-ray machine on the market boasting a (6) six-year parts warranty. This powerful and light x-ray machine weighs only 19 lbs., perfect for small animal, equine, and mixed animal practices. Light enough to bring into the field, yet powerful enough to mount on our maximal view x-ray table for in- clinic work.

Product Highlights

  • Aluminum Carrying Case
  • Only 19 lbs.
  • 6-year Parts Warranty
  • HF-High output 100kVp, 30mA  Rotary switches for easy selections
  • Programmable APR stores up to 8 presets
  • Dual Distance lasers preset to 26” providing accurate FFD for Equine Usage