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ScanVet Alta

Digital Veterinary X-Ray

The SkanVet Alta series is the most adaptable, customizable, feature-rich veterinary system on the market.

SkanVet Alta Series Type A, Type I & Type X
Product Highlights

  • Standard removable cassette tray (Bucky)
  • Optional X-ray grid
  • 4-way floating tabletop
  • Foot-bar operated mechanical brakes
  • Integrated or external PC workstation with user friendly TigerView 8 Veterinary imaging software
  • Animal-patient database, APR’s for separate anatomies
  • Password protected exposure counter (on Type A only)
  • Single action foot & hand-switch
  • Digital Radiographic table for veterinary applications
  • 32 kW output power, 40 to 125 kV, 25 to 400 mA with auto association to kV, 0.1-320 mAs
  • Double focus 0.6/1.3 rotating anode RX tube
  • Mains voltage compensation, filament stabilization and overload protections
  • 2 or 3 points technique (3 points on Type A only)
  • Integrated 10” or 19” high res. color touch display
  • Wired or Wireless 17”x17” or 14”x17” digital detector
  • Fixed, 100 cm SID