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Center Point Bio-Tech's Launch of Novel Veterinary Diagnostic System Exceeds Expectations


Center Point Bio-Tech’s Launch of Novel Veterinary Diagnostic System Exceeds Expectations

LAS VEGAS, NV – January 24, 2024 – Center Point Bio-Tech, LLC (“CPB”) successfully launched AlphaION at the 2024 Veterinary Meeting & Expo in Orlando, FL and orders exceeded expectations. AlphaION is a novel, patent pending veterinary diagnostic system for use in veterinary practices. AlphaION is revolutionary in its use of new technologies to bring more testing options to veterinary practice and its use of lab automation and artificial intelligence to improve hospital workflow. AlphaION is now available for purchase with an anticipated delivery date in Q3 2024. CPB continues to market its first-generation suite of point of care analyzers for those customers needing to take delivery immediately.

AlphaION is composed of five (5) modular component machines which can be neatly secured into one system or used separately to meet unique customer needs. It uses both traditional and new test methods to bring a wide range of blood, fecal, urine, and bacterial testing into one easy to operate and maintain system. For example, AlphaION is the first ever veterinary diagnostic system to use surface acoustic wave (SAW) testing to measure biomarkers, such as hormones and therapeutic drug levels at the point of care. SAW technology improves test sensitivity and increases accuracy at the lower and upper limits of quantitation. AlphaION is also the first ever in-hospital system to bring automation to bacterial culture and sensitivity testing. Currently, veterinarians send samples for culture to outside reference labs. False negative test results, delayed test results, and high cost of reference labs make culture and sensitivity inaccessible to many veterinary practices. In-clinic culture and sensitivity will allow veterinarians to prescribe the right antibiotic for the right disease at the right time to improve antimicrobial stewardship.

Additionally, future development plans for AlphaION include use of holographic cell reconstruction to replace current test methods for providing complete blood cell counts with white cell differential and microscopic examination of blood cells and infectious agents of the circulatory system. Holographic cell reconstruction will improve the accuracy of hematology testing and significantly improve workflow by eliminating the need for reagent packs and antiquated fluidic systems which can lead to downtime for repair and maintenance.

Like human healthcare, veterinary medicine is experiencing workforce shortages and attrition of trained staff in the face of increasing labor and material costs. AlphaION allows non-specialized labor to contribute to successful patient management. Because the AlphaION system uses all-in-one consumables to complete testing, there are no reagent packs to replace, fluid lines to clog, or other components which result in unexpected down time or require lengthy maintenance. Furthermore, AlphaION uses automation to process samples at precisely the right time to reduce errors and improve test result accuracy. AlphaION also integrates with a variety of practice management software systems to report test results.

Equipped with AlphaION, veterinarians will be able to diagnose and manage complex internal medicine and infectious disease cases almost completely at the point of care for companion, production, and exotic animals. AlphaION is simple enough to operate at the point of care and powerful enough to meet the needs of veterinarians across many specialties. AlphaION is simply powerful.

“It was clear VMX attendees were excited about AlphaION and the many ways it will improve patient care.,” said Tim Baum, founder, and developer of AlphaION. “I have led many product launches and AlphaION’s launch has been by far the most successful. The entire veterinary healthcare team is ready for diagnostic testing that expands access to care and just plain makes practice better.”

“As a former hospital owner and veterinary clinician, I have every confidence AlphaION will allow my colleagues in clinical practice to do more. It will allow veterinary healthcare teams to make diagnostic testing accessible to more patients with less work and at a reasonable cost. I am excited to be part of a revolution in diagnostic testing in veterinary medicine,” said Dr. Bonnie Bragdon, Chief Commercial Officer of CPB and licensed veterinarian.

About Center Point Bio-Tech

CPB specializes in bringing unique, cost-effective, and innovative diagnostic products to veterinary practice. CPB is dedicated to quality and brings products to market only after extensive testing and research. Deep knowledge of veterinary hospital and lab operations allows CPB to deliver value and provide solutions for veterinary offices of all sizes. A dedicated team of veterinary industry professionals works to seamlessly integrate CPB products into veterinary practices caring for companion, production, and exotic animals. AlphaION is a trademark of CPB.

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For technology inquiries, contact Tim Baum at Admin@CPBio.com
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