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Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Technical Support Trainer/Installer

Location: Las Vegas, NV

MicroVet Diagnostics is leading the way with Point of Care laboratory testing in Veterinary Clinics. MicroVet is currently seeking a Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Technical Support Trainer/Installer, primarily based in the Las Vegas Corporate office.

Job Description:

Position Title: Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Technical Support Trainer/Installer

Status: Full-Time/Exempt

Typically Reports To: COO/Director of Diagnostics and Sales Director

Benefits: Full Benefits

Job Overview:

Assist with all new and existing customer equipment training and technical support, including classroom instruction for new customers, remote learning within the customers facilities and continued technical support of those customers as issues arise (whether by means of phone, email, text, or video). Will obtain and maintain thorough knowledge of all the diagnostic equipment and assays that MicroVet Diagnostics provides to the customers. Will travel to and assist in the direct installation and training of some equipment within their veterinary practice. Assist sales and marketing with updated product information and technical aspects.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • • Deliver training in a variety of formats, including both virtual and onsite classroom settings.

  • • Collaborate and create training resources as new products are onboarded.

  • • Cultivate relationships with internal and external customers.

  • • Provide comprehensive product expertise to internal and external customers.

  • • Remain current on MicroVet products and related technologies as they emerge.

  • • Collaborate with our customers while providing training services and technical support to help leverage their use of our products for maximum impact.

  • • Serve as a technical support liaison for our customers and sales team to ensure all questions and concerns are answered and resolved in a timely manner, either by site visits (if deemed necessary) or phone, email, text, and virtual video means.

  • • Travel to and install equipment in veterinary sites/clinics, which may include one-on-one training of equipment while at install. Travel up to 25%

  • • Work directly with sales and marketing team to address better marketing materials and provide needed information.

To Apply:

Email Resumé to Admin@VetDiagnosticSolutions.com